Meet Arnold Schwarzenegger

ISSA students and trainers can meet Arnold Schwarzenegger at the Arnold Sports Festival!  Nearly 25 years ago, Dr. Jack Barnathan -- ISSA Instructor and Director of Fitness Sciences -- collaborated ..
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Ski Your Way to Sculpted

Here's a terrific workout to enjoy while skiing. No need to ski fast or do tough moguls for this one. Simply changing leg positions is all that’s needed for an amazing leg workout. Start out by k ..
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Keep it Short to Keep it Happy

Shorter workouts are better than longer workouts. Can it be true? Researchers at the University of Copenhagen’s Department of Biomedical Sciences say yes. In their recent study, those who exercis ..
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Nick Scott

So what’s your excuse? At the age of 16, a near fatal traffic accident changed my life forever. After the doctors at the hospital told me I would never walk again, I became overweight and discour ..
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Question of the Month

  Previous Poll and the Results:
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Seated Dumbbell Curl

This month’s tip is called the Seated Dumbbell Curl. It targets the biceps (elbow flexors) and is a great exercise to develop definition in the arms. Doing the exercise with palms up (supinated) wi ..
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Twice is Nice: The Right Amount of Protein

The debate over which diet and nutrition choices are best and worst is never-ending. One month, the media tells us carbs are the culprit in sabotaging our diet success. A few months later, it’s fat ..
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Too Little Sleep = Too Much to Eat

Many people have experienced the effects from too little sleep in their lives. Sure, feeling tired and cranky quickly comes to mind, but what about how a lack of sleep can affect our decisions on the ..
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Elisa Shutler

My name is Elisa Shutler, and I am currently a World Beauty Fitness and Fashion (WBFF) Bikini Professional. I grew up active in sports whether it was track, Tae Kwon Do, or basketball. As young as int ..
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The Fridge Element

They say human nature tends to be more on the lazy side. So, if you’re looking for a novel way to get a light, little workout, look no further than your refrigerator. To get started, you’re goin ..
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